The Eagle provides the following training courses:
Estimator Training Classes -
1. Estimating Level 1 - Fundamentals Systematic Approach to Estimating
2. Estimating Level 2 - Bid Techniques
3. Estimating Level 3 - Conceptual     Estimating/Budgeting/Design Build
4. Estimating Level 4 - Front End    Specification Review/Risk
5. Analysis/Bonds & Insurance
6. Responsibility of the Chief Estimator
7. Preliminary Bid Schedules
8. Sub Contractor Proposal Review and  Analysis
9. Project Presentation
1. Proper Documentation
2. Negotiating Effectively
3. How and why you should properly Bill and Collect
4. Making sure your Sub Contractors succeed on the project - When they
   succeed you succeed
5. Responsibilities of the Project Manager
6. Responsibilities of the Supe
7. Project Manager/Superintendent - responsibilities to each other
8. Change Order Recap Sales and Justification to Customer
9. Change Order Selling/Processing
10. How to properly Manage your Project on a day to day basis
11. Analyzing and Understanding Project Controls
12. Dealing with a tough Owner
Project Set Up:
1. How to properly Budget and Cost Code a project for accurate reporting

2. How to properly report Payroll on a project with many budgeted cost
3. How to properly set up and bill an AIA Billing
1. Work In Progress (WIP) - What are the numbers telling you
2. Work In Progress (WIP) -How do you really earn revenue and profit and
    what about over/under billing
3. Understanding Job Cost Reports, locate issues early and do something about
4. Understanding A/R
Month End Closing:
1. Understanding Month End Reports
2. Preparing for and making proper projections for Month End
3. Project Assessment/Cost to Complete
1. Project Scheduling - Labor and Materials
2. Delay Issues With Construction Schedules & Claim Avoidance
3. Controlling Manpower in today's market - Task Scheduling
4. Motivating and Managing the work force
Estimating for the Project Manager:
1. Change Order Estimating
2. How to prepare a Cost to Complete Estimate
Cash Flow:
1. Project Cash Flow and Schedule of Values
Record Keeping:
1. On-Site Record Keeping including Safety
Brain Storming and Planning:
1. Site Meetings
2. Project Logistics - Parking, Lay-down, Roadways, Trash, Safety, Etc.
3. The importance of Layout Drawings
4. Purchasing, Releasing and Handling of materials
5. Material Handling - Inventory Control
6. Labor - Shortcuts/Ideas & Project   Assessment
7. Project Installation and Planning
General Training:
1. On-Site Project Review - How to properly walk a project
2. Field Training Subordinates
3. Passing on the knowledge with training and follow through
4. Understanding what makes a Sub Contractor click
5. Understanding what makes a General Contractor click
Project Management and Superintendent Training Classes -
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